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Thank You for Spieling podcast

Jun 27, 2020

In what has proven to be a topic strong enough for me to make a podcast just to talk about, it's time to talk The Last of Us, Part II by Naughty Dog! I'm joined by my buddy Chad Hopkins of The Cinescope Podcast with whom I had been texting all last weekend during my play-through of the game for the first time.

There is a SPOILER-FREE portion of this episode which contains only mild details regarding the highlights of this game. If you've already played and beaten the game, feel free to jump right to the Spoiler Section, at 45:00 minutes.

Topics discussed include

– Various difficulty settings (how Eric's a wimp and Chad is hardcore)

– Recapping the first Last of Us

– General speak of TLOU2 and comparisons to Uncharted

– What reviews said if we read them prior to playing

– Our own spoiler free quick reviews / ratings

– The importance of taking risks in storytelling

– Why TLOU2 improves nearly everything

– SPOILER BREAK / 30 second music jam at 45:00

– Abby, and the heightened violence in TLOU2

– The addition of dogs and what it changes

– The members of Ellie’s closest social circle

– All groups of people in TLOU2 and how they see the world

– Examining the flashbacks we see throughout the game

– Little things we’re finding during NG+

– Thoughts on Ellie’s immunity and what it means today

– Talk about Tommy on bridge

– The dramatic face off

– Final Survivor mode differences

– The new types of infected

– Shoutout to Crash Bandicoot and Activision for piggybacking off Naughty Dog's big weekend.

Find Chad at the Cinescope podcast! or on Twitter.

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