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Thank You for Spieling podcast

Aug 11, 2020

If the shortest story ever written can be six words (and some have purported to beat that), my guest Dave Jorgenson has produced novels and novels of work. He's the Washington Post writer/producer doing all of those COVID Quarantine TikToks (and their TikToks in general), and he's here to tell me how it gets done!

This episode is a hugely fun conversation that is jam-packed with discussion on the creative process, life experiences and even Harry Potter, of which Dave is also a fan! We dive DEEP into specific TikToks as I fanboy and ask him how they were done, and he reveals some great behind-the-scenes stories for each.

For viewers familiar with the TikToks, we cover: Are SAM's days NUMBERED? Who was tap-dancing in the bathroom? Did a drawing bring Lola to life? What's with all the 90's movie and TV songs?

It was so enthralling to discover that Dave was an O.G. listener of MuggleCast and the back end of this convo covers how he got started, when and where he listened, and we both reflect on current events in that fandom. Closing the episode, I grill Dave using the "Inside the Actors Studio" questions and we part ways, for now. Please enjoy hearing from a real cool dude!

Useful Links:

The entire Tweet thread of Quarantine TikToks, starting at halfway

The Washington Post, on TikTok.

The HP Book that started it all for us.