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Thank You for Spieling podcast

Jul 12, 2020

In keeping with the trend of having guests on to talk about things OTHER than their usual, I am THRILLED to have on Episode 3 special guest David J. Peterson, language creator of (among others) the Valyrian and Dothraki languages for HBO's "Game of Thrones."

David and I discuss something we were both really excited about, our tastes in MUSIC and the songs that we are most glad exist.

Everything from The Carpenters to Oingo Boingo, Stratovarius to Hootie and the Blowfish, Amberian Dawn, Poets of the Fall, and many more are mentioned. Buckle up, and tune in for some great conversation.

Referenced links:

- The bank commercial for "We've Only Just Begun"

- Amberian Dawn's video "Cherish My Memory"

- Find David's NEW book "Create Your Own Secret Language" here

- And "The Art of Language Invention" here

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